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Nowadays the problem of fewer eyelashes is common in people as well as Glaucoma, an eye problem in which intraocular pressure increase inside the eyes. It is all happen due to stress either because of business, jobs or some personal relations as mutual understanding between people are not good enough these days. To overcome this dysfunction, medical science develops a medicine namely Careprost eye drops. It is easily available in the market to surround you but if you want to buy Careprost online at $10 then would be the best choice for you as it has medicine at cheap prices with fast shipping in USA and UK.

Careprost eye drop is a 0.03% ophthalmic solution which can get you darker, thicker and longer eyelashes within few weeks and it is also able to decrease intraocular pressure inside your eyes. Increased intraocular pressure can cause of damaging your optic nerve. If optic nerve damage once then you will lose your eye sight forever.

Careprost cannot cure Glaucoma but it decreases eye pressure and save your optic nerve. Use careprost eye drops as long as the doctor advised you to apply for Glaucoma but in the case of fewer eyelashes, you will get the result within 3 to 4 months and complete course to get better eyelashes is 16 weeks. If you drop the treatment before this time period than your eye lashes will be back in the same form it was before treatment within few days.

There is the different method of applying medication for both dysfunctions so you should take care to use it. In the case of Glaucoma, the drop of medicine should become in contact of eye lenses and in terms of eyelashes; it is rubbed over eyelashes hair to make eyes beautiful.

If your eyes are beautiful enough then your impression would be effective when you meet anyone in life and fewer eyelashes hair don’t give enough adequate to eyes. To get darker, longer and thicker eyelashes apply careprost eye drop at night but if you apply any make o cream on face, wash it and make your face clean so that it can give you a better result. Applying careprost with the help of eyeliner brush would be a good idea you can avoid drawing drops besides eyes which can cause of unwanted hair on the face.

For Glaucoma, put a drop of careprost inside your affected eyes but in this terms, you should be careful also. If you put contact lenses then remove it before applying the medication so that it can come in direct contact with eyes and make your vision clear. Do the same process with another eye.


It is not suitable for the young age guys like fewer than 18 years old and it does not work for operated eyes. Now, the medicines are at your doorstep so you can buy careprost eye drops online from which is a trusted web portal for medicine in US & UK.

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