How to get longer and natural eye lashes with Careprost Eye Drops

Careprost eye drops contain bimatoprost 0.03% ophthalmic solution which is used to develop longer, thicker and darker eye lashes within few weeks and also used to treat Glaucoma dysfunction which may cause vision loss if not treated on time. Bimatoprost is the element which is responsible to increment in eye lashes and available in careprost eye drops. It is cheaper than other eye drops available in the market and we provide it with fast shipping so to make this product yours buy Careprost eye drops online at $10 and pay via PayPal.

When I was born, I had long eye lashes like Asian people but as I grow up my eye lashes got fewer than normal and it looked very bad as felt shy to face people but one day I met one of my friend who had darker and thicker eye lashes but literally her eyelids looked fake even I decided to try her method as she was looking gorgeous. I tried and so happy with result that I had beautiful thicker eye lashes. I was done with it but within1 or 2 weeks it fell down and my eye lashes got again in the same condition.

I tried some serums also but the result was not so wow but okay. I was not satisfied and I googled about this so that I come to know more about it to enhance eye lashes naturally and I found a method namely Careprost which I applied according to directions and now I am so happy with result and still I use it and now I have longer, darker and thicker eye lashes and it looks like natural.

I order it from and I got it in the unexpected way as it delivers within a week at my home address as their shipping is so fast and I got applicator brush also with each bottle. You can apply it with the help of applicator brush so that extra can be saved from wastage and if any drop is falling on your face than clean it immediately with cotton or tissue paper otherwise it would cause you extra hair on your face. You can apply directly but suggested to put a drop on bottle cap for hygienic reason and dip a clean applicator brush in it and immediately apply on upper eyelid from inner to outer and let it dry.

The careprost eye drops is applied only on upper eyelids of each eyes and you will find the result within 4 to 8 weeks but you should apply at least for 16 weeks for permanent result and make sure not to drop the meds in between otherwise your eye lashes will get back to former situation within a month and never skip any dosage also. I suggest you to apply Careprost eye drops at night So that it gets you a better result as you can escape from dust at that time so to try this product buy careprost eye drops online at $10 with paypal.

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