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The Lantus Solostar INJ 3 ml is a solution which used quite comfortably and it used for an injection that contains insulin glargine. This is nothing but it is a very much of modified insulin and it seems to be pretty much similar to normal human insulin. It is mainly used in human to reduce the high blood sugar levels in human and mainly adults. It generally used for the purpose of serving in a case of a disease, where the human body is not able to produce the required insulin which is required to control the level of high blood.


The usage of the Lantus Solostar INJ 3 Ml may be dependent on some factors. Your doctor will tell the amount of dosage required and when to take the dosage. You can take short acting insulin and long acting insulin as well. The medication can only be used in the adults of the kids above the age of 6 years only. The common dose of the medication must be once in a day. The children should only take the medication under the guidance of the doctor. The medication is injected inside the skin. The Lantus Solostar is already filled with pen having insulin glargine. There are some different type of methods are also available. The dosage can be taken as per the requirement of the person and as per the doctor’s advice as well.


It is strongly recommended that one should not be using Lantus Solostar INJ 3ml, if allergic.
You should take the special advice of the doctor in case you want to use it.
A few of the tests are needed to be done before using this medication.
You should always consult with the doctor in case you want to travel.
You should always check with the doctor if you are trying to take it with other medicines.
You should avoid medicine which can increase the blood sugar level.
The medicine can take some effects if taken with drink or meal.
Strongly not recommended when driving
Not recommended when pregnant.

Side Effects

Almost like all the other medicines the Lantus Solostar INJ 3 Ml also has some side effects. But, it is found that it may not harm in all the cases. Since, you should have a knowledge about all the side effects. You can feel few of the following side effects such as:

You can have irregular heartbeat and sweating as well.
You may also see some changes in the skin as well at the time of injection.
One can also feel the reaction in eyes as well with the usage of medicine.
In a very few cases some of the general disorders have also been seen.
Some kind of mood swings have also been measured in a very few cases as well.

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15ML (5*3ML pre filled pens)

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