Lumigan Eye Drops | Generic Name – Bimatoprost

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The Lumigan for you is nothing but a helper that does a whole cure for your eye. It’s actual work is to reduce the kind of pressure in your eye in a way that it increases the strength of the amount of the part or the liquid that comes out of your eye. It is basically a medical therapy or a medicine that has been used in the field of medical science in order to reduce the problem of Glaucoma and some other facts about the eye such as the pressure in the eye due to various other reasons. They may be some other functions of the Lumigan Eye Drops as well, which have not been discussed here.


Since, the Lumigan Eye Drops have so many of the advantages along side. But there have been certain issues associated with the product of the Lumigan Eye Drops. You should not be using the medicine in some of the cases mentioned below in details.

You should not be going with the Lumigan Eye Drops if you have some kind of eye related issues.
If any one of the person having the problem of eye swelling or any infection in eye then you should also be avoiding the Lumigan Eye Drops as well.
It might not be used by any of the ladies who are pregnant or having maternity as well.

How to Use?

First thing about using the Lumigan Eye Drops is that you must be using the Lumigan Eye Drops only under the guidance of your doctor. The medication must only be used under a limited amount as per the requirement as well. The dosage must not be very high or must not be as low as well. There are certain criteria that are fixed with Lumigan Eye Drops such as it has been recommended that the Lumigan Eye Drops must be used under the evening time unless your doctor recommends it for some other time. Before using the Lumigan Eye Drops you must sit back with your head back and put the amount of drops as prescribed by the doctor and wait for 10 to 15 minutes as well for the whole medicine to settle down.

Side Effects

There may be certain side effects possible with the use of Lumigan Eye Drops as well. Though the precautions mentioned here and the user guidance will help you but still there are a few chances of side effects as well for new users as well. These side effects may be like fluid coming out of eye, itching, redness of eye, swelling or some kind of effects on vision of eye. In case of any of the side effects mentioned above you must contact your doctor directly for the cure of your eye and you can also check with the helpline associated with the medicine as well.

How to Get?

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