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The medication Xarelto 10 mg has been most commonly utilized for the purpose to serve the cure in case of irregular heartbeats where it has been seen or found that there have been some clots have been made. So, to prevent all those blood clots that have been made by the heartbeat in irregular form the medicine Xarelto 10 mg has been used. It has also additionally been used after someone’s knee replacement surgery or any kind of hip surgery as well. It is basically used to prevent the heart clots and it also prevents the blood clots to be formed again as well.


It has been strongly recommended that the medicine should only be taken under the guidance of the doctor and also all the manual of the medicine must also be read very clearly by the person before taking the medicine as well. Before taking the medicine and after reading the manual you must also check with your doctor in case you have any questions for him. Firstly, the medication is very easy to take and it must be taken directly by mouth. It needs to be taken only once in a whole day as well. It is recommended to take have the medicine after or with the evening meal only. The dose may start with two dose a day in first three weeks and then it can be reduced to once per day as well. The most commonly used Xarelto is Xarelto 10 mg and it is increased and decreased as per the doctor.


A few of the precautions are there with Xarelto 10 mg as well. A number of the precaution have been listed below.

Always check with you doctor in case if you are allergic to such medications.
Your medical history should be checked with the doctor before taking the medicine.
It has strongly been not recommended in case of any surgery, lever disease, heart disease etc.
Not recommended in cases of strokes, disorders and injuries as well.

Side Effects

A few of the side effects may also be seen with the Xarelto 10 mg as well. Few are listed below.

Minor bleeding can occur from nose or any cuts as well.
It may affect the blood clots as well and bleeding may occur in that case also.
It may cause some discomfort, some pain and swelling as well.
You may have several headaches with dizziness.
You may also feel like vomiting as well.
You may feel weakness, tiredness or change in the color of the urine as well.

One should always consult with the doctor immediately in all of the cases mentioned below in case to avoid all such issues and to save your self as well. One should also check the manual in case of any emergency to get yourself protected as well.

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