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Careprost is one of the most popular brand that has been under the use for a long period of time for the serving of eye care and related to that. There have been several uses of the Careprost Eye Drops which have been implemented so far and still going well. It actually gets the person free from some special eye problems such as Glaucoma and fluid pressure as well. This is also known as the Intra Ocular Pressure as well. Whenever the pressure in the eye has been increased a lot of we cay say that the IOP is increased in that case the pressure on the optic nerves in the eye can damage or effect the vision or sight of a person. That is the time when the problem of Glaucoma arise and there is when the Careprost is used for curing of that.

Applications For Careprost Eye Drops

As mentioned above there have been several uses of the Careprost Eye Drops. It helps the person to fight with the problems of Glaucoma and it also has the ability to increase the amount of hair on eye lashes. In General, we can say that the Careprost Eye Drops is used for getting the Thicker Eyelashes as well. The results with thick eyelashes in case of use of Careprost Eye Drops have been very good since the time Careprost Eye Drops have been implemented in the market.


The method behind the strong working of the Careprost Eye Drops is the element that is present in the Careprost Eye Drops. The element that not only helps to remove the issue of Glaucoma but it also gives a very good growth to the thicker eyelashes as well, which are the most in demand by every women on this earth. As we have said that the IOP increase and effects the sight vision and then the job of Bitmaprost which is the key element comes in effect to reduce the pressure. It also helps to grow the eye lashes as well.

Why it is used?

It is used when eyelashes is stop growing or abnormal. It contains solutions of ophthalmic 0.03%which is used to treat hypotrichosis.  When you feel that you do not have enough or insufficient eye lashes then you can use it to grow more. Careprost Eye Drops increase the length of active hair of your eyelashes so it helps you to get longer and thicker hair eyelashes than before. It is also used to treat the fluid and pressure in the eyes as well as other issue which causes pressure in the eyes.

How to Use?

  • Wash the face and all the make up before using it.
  • You should remove the lenses if using.
  • Put the Careprost Eye drops as told by the doctor.
  • Clean gently your eye with tissue paper.
  • Place the Eye Drops at a cool & dry place.
  • Use it as per the directions of Doctor.

How long you should use Careprost Eye Drops?

You should use this eye drop for 8 weeks and in this time period you will see the growth of your eyelashes hair thicker and longer than before and use it for 12 to 16 weeks for a better result but if you stop applying it on your eyelashes before this that your eyelashes will be back in same condition as it was before use within few weeks or months.

Missed dosage and storage

Do not miss even a single doge of the medicine and if you forget to take by chance then take it as soon as possible when you remember. I suggest you not to skip the dosage as it will affect your result. Keep the careprost bottle in a dry and cool place and the temperature should be less than 25 degree Celsius.

Possible side effect of careprost

Careprost has some side effect which you may face after using it which are given below:-

  • It can cause extra or unwanted hair around your eyes if it touches anywhere instead of eyelashes.
  • It may cause of dry or watery eyes.
  • Your eyes may be sensitive to light.
  • It may affect your vision.
  • It may change your eye color.
  • It may burn in the eyes after applying it.
  • It may make your eyes Red.

How to Get?

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